Everton America Refund Policy:


-If Everton America should need to cancel a program session (e.g. for inclement weather), a make-up session will be scheduled. If a participant cannot attend the make-up date, an alternative date will not be offered.

-If a registered participant cannot attend the program (e.g. because of injury), a credit for future programs will be issued. 

-If Everton America should need to cancel an entire program, a refund will be given in proportion to the number of programs sessions remaining.

Note on pro-rating:

After a program has run for 50% of the scheduled sessions, the program cost will be reduced by 50%. No other pro-rating is offered.

Premier teams

-Premier team training sessions cancelled because of inclement weather will not be made up.

-Once a player has committed to a premier team, there are no refunds or partial refunds under any circumstances.

(Updated 12/19/2014)