EACT College Support

The Aim of our College Support Program is to inform parents and players on the college structure, application procedure, when and how players should be looking at post HS, for both students that are interested in exploring the possiblity of attending college in the future and players that would like to play Soccer in College.

We will assist in the creation of both Cover Letters and Player Resumes for our players to use when contacting College Coaches and we will also, for U15-18 players, provide 'player cards' to use for game day and tournament handout - to give college coaches information, in their hand, about our players.

Through Paul Hennessey, our College Liaison and Support Officer, we have set up a point of contact for any  questions and a support framework for players and parents throughout the college selection and application process - whether or not soccer is involved.

The Aims of these pages and our Support Program as a whole is to:
If you have Any Questions, please contact your coach or Paul Hennessey at